Every year the Survey Research team at Consumer Reports gets tens of thousands of responses from our members about problems they’ve had with their kitchen and laundry appliances. In our most recent surveys, we collected data on more than 381,000 kitchen and laundry appliances purchased between 2008 and 2018.

Here are the most commonly reported problem areas—let’s call them complaints—from finicky fridges to wishy-washy washing machines.

Our team of reporters also reached out to appliance repair pros across the country to find out which parts most often fail. See “What Breaks” in each section below, and “A Big Break” for a look at repairs you hope your appliance never needs.

Through our reporting we picked up a few tips on simple repairs you can do yourself to save some money on service calls.

A Pro’s Perspective
“Icemaker failures have always been a problem, but now almost all refrigerators are sold with one,” says Dean Landers, president of Landers Appliance, a repair service in the Baltimore area. That means shops see more icemaker repairs—or requests for them. “We used to be able to repair icemakers,” Landers says. “Now everything is molded, flimsy, and cast, making it necessary to replace the entire unit.”