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Big Dog Handyman have been in business for 10 years  and have made remarkable friends and partners in that time-span.  If we don’t know how to perform any of the projects as requested, we will call on the most professional and knowledgeable people we know to do the job or jobs.

Your satisfaction is our primary concern and we go the extra mile to accomplish that because we know that word-of-mouth advertising is the best kind to have.

Electrical is Our Speciality

We will get your project done on time and on  budget!

Home Remodels

We can install cabinets, build walls and save you money.

We Are Great Plumbers

Need a new sink or tub, a shower or faucet? We can help you get it done.

Touch-up Painting

New paint will be very similar but will not be a 100% match. This means you will be able to paint a whole wall with this new paint and it will look just like the wall next to it. However, you will most likely not be able to touch up with this new paint, on the old wall, where it will be a precise match. This is for three main reasons:

1. Your old paint has aged, all of it has changed color and sheen ever so slightly over time. Each part of each wall will age differently depending on factors like sunlight exposure and number of times it was touched.

2. The original paint was likely watered down by the original painters in order to stretch the paint and make it flow through the sprayer easier. The thinning of the paint changes the color and sheen, its impossible to recreate this change precisely. Additionally, you’ll be applying the paint with a brush or roller vs a sprayer. Paint lays down differently based on how it is applied.

3. Paint mixers change calibration over time and cleanliness. It doesn’t take much pigment to change the color of a gallon of paint. So if the colorant machine is off in any way (the humidity or temp are different) the number of molecules of pigment will be different in the new gal vs the old gal. Likewise the paint manufacturers are frequently changing their precise formula to get better performance of the paint and to adhere to govt regulations.

So if we can’t get a 100% match, what do we do to make our homes look good again? 1) Use some of the original paint. This is the best chance you have of being able to touch up marks, without the spot being noticeable. Flat paint can be touched up less noticeably than glossy paint. 2) Paint a full section, from hard break to hard break. This means to paint up to the change in plain. In a rectangular room, this means paint one whole wall. Our eyes are trained to see what we expect. So while a touch up spot may be very obvious, with the contrast having the same light reflective properties, two surfaces of a different plane which meet, can have slightly different colors but our eyes and brain will perceive them as the same color.

Client Testimonials

We’ve now used Lee for over a year and he does phenomenal work. While slightly less expensive than our last repair company, his approach to our heating system issues have really worked. We really appreciate his diligent work.


Clifton, CO

I can’t begin to tell you how much Centennial Handyman has changed my life!!  I can actually buy a ceiling fan or new faucet without worrying about installation.  – you make me feel like I am your only customer! Thank you!!


Grand Junction, CO

Centennial Handyman Services and crew are great! The whole group is fantastic to work with. They are responsive and their work speaks for itself.  Our newly remodeled kitchen speaks for itself! Thanks for your great work.


Grand Junction, CO

Frustrated by my own ill-informed efforts, I connected with Centennial Handyman and he completely transformed our home with a new look!  The paint job was perfect.


Palisade, CO

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